EC3 'Street Side' is ready to deliver the future of location services in a tricked out Mercedes Sprinter. Street Side is set up to handle any camera type and provide beautifully crafted dailies beyond basic LUTs to Best Light color, regardless of camera type, shortly after the director yells cut. If editorial is onset, we have the capability to provide 'dailies' directly to their desktop throughout the day. Street Side provides a truly mobile experience with the ability to unplug and roll out in minutes.

Location Services include:

  • Color Correction
  • On Location Dailies Deliverables including iPad® dailies and editorial media on the same day
  • Data Management and Security
  • Complete 3D Capabilities including Convergence
  • Instant Quality Control of your footage
  • Complete Engineering and Tech Support 24/7



Alaina Zanotti - Commercials
- Director of Commercial Sales

C 310.570.0918
O 310.255.6690